The TAMU Women’s Club held their 2020-2021 Business meeting on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 and I would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend this important meeting.  We had a very informative session with Marcy Ullman from the TAMU Foundation where she discussed our six endowed scholarships and where our donations are going, now that we have endowed six scholarships being directed to all six high schools in the Bryan, College Station area.

At this time, I would like to acknowledge the outgoing TAMU 2020-2021 Women’s Club Board of Directors for their time and dedication in their respective roles.  Sangita Sunkari has played a very significant role in the Women’s Club for many years, serving as Communications Lead, Programs, and this year, as First VP/Programs.  Sangita worked hard to make this year special under very difficult circumstances (Coronavirus Pandemic) and she succeeded.  With online zoom capabilities, we enjoyed yoga, cooking with a chef, and special speakers, along with a Drive by Christmas.  Next is Dee Risinger, who took on the role of Treasurer when I asked her, not really knowing what she was getting in to.   She has done a great job and I truly appreciate her dedication.  Hiroko Sumikara was our internal communications lead, where she worked tirelessly on our website.  I know she will be glad when she’s not getting daily texts from me.  Ping Hu was our external communications lead, which she does without complaints.  Hiroko and Ping have been on the board for the past three years and I know they are looking forward to some time off.   Carolyn Franklin joined our team a little late in the year as our Secretary, and we are so glad she did.  We welcome her now as our President for next year, where I know she will do a great job.   Liz Lawson, our Parliamentarian, has been by my side this year and I don’t think I could have done this job without her.  She has been a true friend, talking me off the ledge many times.  Thanks to all of you, it has been a great year!!

Introducing our 2021-2022 TAMU Women’s Club Board of Directors:
President – Carolyn Franklin
President Elect – Vacant
First VP/Programs – Anna Stepanova, Dary Dega
Second VP/Membership – Kay Fitzpatrick Simmons
Secretary – Marcy Moorhead
Treasurer – Kim Hagerty
Internal Communications – Maria Gutierrez
External Communications – Vacant
Parliamentarian – Vacant

The seven women listed above have signed up to serve on our board, keeping our club from dissolving, and for that I am truly grateful, to each of you. 

I am happy to announce that our Committee Leads will return:
Scholarship – Denise Parker
Directory – Ann Stebbins
Audit – Susan Smith

The TAMU Women’s Club has funded our sixth endowed scholarship this year at $25,000.  It usually takes a full year after the endowment is funded, before a scholarship can be provided.  But because we had monies remaining in our account, we have enough to provide a scholarship this fall.   For this year, we are hoping to donate approximately $3,000 to a gift fund, an account set up by the Foundation to pool our monies, where it will stay until the club decides what to do with it.   Now that we are providing scholarships for the six high schools in the Bryan College Station area, we may want to consider saving up another $25,000 to add to one of our current endowments.   All students receive the same amount of scholarship, which is $1,250.  If we add $25,000 to one of our endowments, increasing it to $50,000, the student will receive a $2,500 scholarship.  Wow, that would be remarkable!!

Thanks to everyone who made this year fun, which includes our interest groups Arts and Culture led by Anna Stepanova, our Garden Interest Group led by Ann DeWitt, Tuesday Night Book Club led by Jane Riley, First Monday Book Club (passing of books) led by Sherry Carlson, Members of the Wednesday Night Book Club, Community Outreach with co-chairs Emily Withers and Denise Parker.  You are all amazing and I appreciate your courage and willingness to get out there and make this club exciting, even in the midst of chaos.

Your President,
Janet Laird


TAMU Women’s Club Programs 2020-2021

April 21, 2021
11:30am to 12:45pm
Pebble Creek Country Club
Annual Spring Luncheon

Review the year, say goodbye to the 2020-2021 board and welcome the new board in. Attendance open to all members and their guests.


The Texas A&M University Women’s Club is a vibrant, dynamic part of the Texas A&M community. The Club promotes contacts and friendships among the women of Texas A&M through various interest groups and activities, and conducts service and philanthropic activities in support of the University, its students, and the community.

Our members come from across the nation and around the world and we are always eager to meet new people and make new friends. New members may be particularly interested in the Newcomers interest group, but there are lots of other groups that you may want to check out as well . Please see our Membership page for information on how to join the Club.