Arts and Culture

The Fine Arts are alive and well in Bryan, College Station and throughout the great state of Texas. From professional to amateur level there are many excellent theater groups, musical companies, orchestras, chamber groups, museums, galleries, artists and craftsmen. If any of these interest you, then you need to join our Arts & Culture group. One of the Women’s Club’s oldest interest groups, it was created to foster in its members an appreciation for and understanding of the fine arts by attending and supporting many artistic endeavors locally and out of town.

Get together dates and times vary, we have lots of weekend and evening events!

Sept 10, 2023, Sun, 5PM, Rudder Theatre


We would like to invite our members to attend the first concert offered by the Friends of Chamber Music organization in 2023-2024. For future concerts we highly  encourage members to attend on your own. More details about the event and about the Friends of Chamber Music of Bryan College Station area can be found here:

Jan 27, 2024, 1:30 pm, 1541 Pastries & Coffee short movie discussion

Address: 1808 Brothers Blvd Ste. H, College Station

Please join us for the short movie discussion and food and drinks. We will select  several (3-4) short movies and share the online links for everyone to watch in advance. Each movie will be under 20 minutes long. We will meet at 1541 Pastries and Coffee and have a discussion about the movies and enjoy desserts, drinks, etc.

Feb 24, 2-5 pm Art Workshop at Degallery
Address: 930 N Rosemary Dr., Bryan

Join us for a floral design workshop at Degallery to create a unique floral bouquet.  The class will take up to 2 hours. Addi Duerksen, a recent graduate from Texas A&M Benz School of Floral Design will be leading the class.

Florals 101 — The class would begin with a discussion on plant blindness and on  benefits of having fresh florals in your home/living space. We will learn about proper care and handling of flowers, including pre-design preparation, dismissing common myths, and covering toxic flowers for kids/pets. After that we will learn about the elements and principles of floral design, and how to apply them. Each participant will create a floral bouquet to take home.

The cost is $30.

March 21 Hillel tour at lunch.

Address: 800 George Bush Drive, College Station, TX 77840 (at the corner of George Bush Dr.
and Dexter Dr.). Parking is located at the back of the building, off of Aberdeen Pl.

Texas A&M Hillel is one of the oldest Jewish campus organizations in the United States. A state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot facility opened in the fall of 2012. The A. I and Manet Schepps
Hillel Building contains a beautiful sanctuary, a library, a 98-seat lecture hall and theater, separate meat and dairy kitchens, and a second-floor patio with a permanent frame for Hillel’s
sukkah and a gorgeous view of the campus and Kyle Field. During the tour we will see the Jewish Heritage Walk and learn about Jewish history and everyday life in the Hillel. Risa Bierman, Texas A&M Hillel’s executive director, will lead the tour.

After the tour we will meet for lunch.

There is no group dues for the Arts and Culture.

You are welcome to bring a friend to our meetings!

Co-chairs: Anna Stepanova (979-571-7017) and Mila Mogilevsky (979-219-4633)
Treasurer/Secretary: Kay Barboza
Email: [email protected]